Community and Diversity Advisory Board Members

Harvey D. Brookins, Jr.

Harvey Brookins is the Chief Development Officer at Freedom First Credit Union. Brookins has two degrees from the University of Detroit Mercy. He moved to Virginia in 2006.

Su-Ling Chen

Su-Ling Chen is the Chief Accounting Officer at SynCom Electronics Corporation, a Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM) of high performance high reliability cable assemblies and control panels.

Joe Cobb

Reverend Joe Cobb is pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge. He lives in Roanoke with his partner, James, and their two children. He is currently writing a book with his former spouse, Rev. Leigh Anne Taylor.

Duke Curtis

H. Clarke "Duke" Curtis was born in Roanoke in 1956. He is the current president of Hamlar-Curtis Funeral Home where he is a second generation Funeral Service Provider in the family firm. He is also involved in a wide range of community organizations.

Rupert Cutler

Rupert Cutler is a native of Detroit. In 1991, Rupert moved to Roanoke where he served as founding executive director of Explore Park and the Western Virginia Land Trust.

Julie Drewry

Julie Drewry is currently the Executive Director of 6-12 Instruction for Roanoke City Schools. She also serves as an adjunct professor in Virginia Tech's Department of Education Research.

Ted Edlich

Ted Edlich is the president and CEO of Total Action Against Poverty (TAP). TAP is the largest private non-profit human development and community development organization serving communities in Southwest Virginia.

Pearl Fu

Pearl Fu is a native of China. She is the founder/organizer of Roanoke's premiere multicultural year-round program called Local Colors. Its mission is to embrace people of all origins and backgrounds to acclimate to life in America.

Robin Haldiman

Robin Haldiman current serves as the CEO of the Child Health Investment Partnership of Roanoke (CHIP). Robin also is involved in several local community organizations.