Student Adam Tate advocates for rural health care and access

4th year Student Adam Tate

The son of a rural family physician, Adam Tate took a winding path to realize he may be destined for a similar calling.

The fourth-year student at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine grew up in Carroll County, Virginia, in the far southwest corner of the commonwealth near the border of North Carolina. He headed to the University of Virginia as a pre-med student, but a bit of “culture shock” redirected his academic pursuits.

“I always thought my life was ‘normal’ but I soon began to realize that my isolated rural upbringing was not the norm for most of my classmates,” Tate said. “I thought I needed to learn more about myself and my place in the world. I did my pre-med classes but majored in anthropology. It made sense to me since I grew up in a place, moved somewhere else, and realized my culture was not the only culture.”

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