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  • Scientists, including students, find new aspects to visual system development

    A recently published Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute study came with a twist not often found in scientific papers. One of the first authors, who just completed her freshman year at Virginia Tech, was a high school student when she started working on the project, while most of the other authors are undergraduate, graduate, or medical students.
  • Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute announces medical research scholar awards

    Six doctoral students conducting research in laboratories at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute were recently named as medical research scholars. They will each receive a fellowship to support their research for the 2014–15 academic year.
  • Researchers discover how retinal neurons claim the best brain connections

    Scientists at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and the University of Louisville have discovered that during neurodevelopment, neurons from the brain’s cerebral cortex extend axons to the edge of the part of the brain dedicated to processing visual signals – but then stop. Instead of immediately making connections, the cortical neurons wait for two weeks while neurons from the retina connect to the brain.
  • Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute fuels the fires of rising stars

    The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute has announced the second class of recipients of its Medical Research Scholars fellowship program. The recipients will receive $35,000 to support their research and participate in seminar series and a journal club. The awardees include Lara Moody, Aboozar Monavarfes, Jason Zhang, Katie Degan, and Michael Entz.
  • New, surprising roles indicated for critical neurodevelopmental agents

    A Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute study indicates new, surprising roles for critical neurodevelopmental agents.
  • Fox's neurons firing on all cylinders

    A Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute faculty member earns recognition for an outstanding early career and a promising future.
  • Collaborations forged to create innovative solutions to children’s health issues

    Virginia Tech, Children’s National Medical Center, and George Washington University have partnered in a unique program to create research breakthroughs in children’s health. The three institutions contributed a total of $375,000 to support seven collaborative research projects that will use translational science to address health issues so complex they require new insights, conceptual approaches, and technological advances.
  • Brain Awareness Week will highlight the wonders of nature’s most remarkable machine

    Brain Awareness Week is designed to share the wonders of the brain, how it works, and what happens when it goes awry. A series of public events will also highlight advances in brain research.

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