VTCSoM Student Wellness

Welcome to the VTCSoM Student Wellness Site!

This site seeks to provide current VTCSoM students with resources and ideas to foster health and wellness.

The calendar of events will connect you to a variety of events at VTCSoM/RI and in the surrounding area to help promote personal balance and foster wellness.

Wellness Calendar of Events

Wellness Areas

Personal Wellness

Balancing work, family and personal needs can be challenging. This section gives ideas on how to develop one's personal wellness.

Mental & Emotional Wellness

Depression and anxiety can interfere with our desire to perform at our best. Seeking help is often key to overcoming unhealthy thoughts or feelings. There are a variety of people and resources available to VTCSoM students.

Physical Wellness

Taking care of our bodies fosters a variety of personal health elements. But, sometimes we all need a little help remembering our options.

Academic Wellness

Knowing and having easy access to our academic resources can help us perform optimally on our academic endeavors.

Past Editions of the Wellness Weekly:

2016-2017 Editions
2017-2018 Editions

Wellness Team:

Dr. Aubrey Knight, MD
Senior Dean for Student Affairs

Emily M. Holt, MA
Director of Academic Counseling &
Enrichment Services

Wellness Advocacy Committee:

  • Alyssa Nagy, Class of 2018
  • Lindsay Maguire, Class of 2019
  • Jeffrey Henry, Class of 2020
  • Ayesha Kar, Class of 2021

Allison Bowersock, PhD, CSCS, ACSM. EIM - Level 1
Director of Health & Exercise Science
Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Jennifer Slusher, PhD, LPC
Director of Counseling & Wellness
Jefferson College of Health Sciences