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Welcome to LCME Quiz Bowl! Test your knowledge about LCME and the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.

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This week's question: (Week of October 15, 2018)

What AAMC application is designed to streamline the application process for M4 away electives at other LCME medical schools in the US?

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Last week's answer:

There are 38 Carilion Clinic online databases  available to students through the VTCSOM library.

Previous weeks' answers:

There are 16 student clubs available to our students.

The four pillars of faculty vitality and wellbeing are: wellbeing/burnout education and skills building, crisis management and prevention, 4th aim continuous improvement, and culture and connection.

Faculty undergo maintenance of appointments every three years.

VTCSOM's seven community outreach projects are: community outreach program, creative arts, Mentors in Medicine, service learning, Within Reach, Camp Carilion, and Kids Tech University.

The cost of tuition for M1s for 2018-2019 was $51,818. With additional costs and fees, the total cost of attendance was $79,936.

ERAS is Electronic Residency Application Service.

Five spaces located at VTCSOM that are specifically dedicated for student use are: team rooms, independent study spaces, student lounge, commons area, and outdoor meeting areas.

The committee that investigates allegations of mistreatment and unprofessional behavior is the Learning Environment Advocacy Committee (LEAC). 

The software faculty use to record accomplishments and annual reviews is Digital Measures.

The three ways to report unprofessional behavior are: The Beacon, Blackboard email, and 145 Survey.

VTCSOM's endowed scholarships are: Daniel and Katina Carusillo Scholarship, Charter Class Scholarship, Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship, Sam and Priscilla McCall Scholarship, and Caroline Osborne Memorial Scholarship.

VTCSOM students have access to the medical library 24/7.

TEACH works to promote learning excellence at Carilion Clinic, the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, and Jefferson College of Health Sciences by creating a comunity of educators and fostering their development as teachers, learners, and educational researchers.

VTCSOM dedicates more than 1,200 curriculum hours toward research.

The four diversity initiatives are Black History Month, Lunch and Learns, SafeZone and Women's History Month.

The official description of the basic science educational model used at VTCSOM is PBL hybred.

VTCSOM will officially integrate into Virginia Tech on July 1, 2018.

Nine clerkships are offered to our third-year medical students.

The LCME granted VTCSOM full accreditation on June 19, 2014.

The Alpha Omega Alpha Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award was awarded to Dr. Richard Vari, senior dean for academic affairs.

VTCSOM's chief diversity officer is Karen Eley Sanders.

There are 11 academic departments at VTCSOM.

The two main purposes of LCME accreditation are:
1. to certify that a medical education program meets prescribed standards, and
2. to promote institutional self-evaluation and improvement.

Our senior dean for student affairs is Aubrey Knight, M.D.

VTAG stands for Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.

SCHEV stands for State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

VTCSOM's Class of 2019 had 3,572 applicants.

LCME stands for Liaison Committee on Medical Education

VTCSOM's residency match rate is 100 percent.

VTCSOM's charter class graduated in 2014.

The average enrollment for a class at VTCSOM is 42.

ISA stands for Independent Student Analysis.

VIAL stands for Virginia Intercollegiate Anatomy Lab

VTCSOM's value domains are: basic science, clinical science, research, and interprofessionalism.

PBL stands for Problem-Based Learning.

LACE stands for Longitudinal Ambulatory Care Experience.

VTCSOM has 10 OSCE rooms.

OSCE stands for Objective Structured Clinical Exam.

VTCSOM's chief academic officer is Dean Cynda Johnson.