The Community and Diversity Advisory Board provides support to the school’s leadership as well as the offices of Community and Culture and Diversity and Inclusion enhances their efforts to create a welcoming community environment for students. Members help connect the school with appropriate resources in the community, encouraging community involvement in school functions and activities as appropriate, and encouraging faculty, staff, and students involvement within the community.

The board is composed of community leaders who have a broad range of backgrounds, including a founder of a local international culture festival, the head of diversity initiatives at a local community college, and spiritual and social action agency leaders.

Dr. David Trinkle, the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine's associate dean for community and culture, serves as chair and Dr. Karen Eley Sanders, associate dean for Diversity and Inclusion, serves as co-chair.

Community and Diversity Advisory Board Mission

In accordance with the VTCSOM Diversity Policy to “maintain an academic environment characterized by, and supportive of, diversity and inclusion”, the Community and Diversity Advisory Board (CDAB) was formed to encourage student diversity at VTCSOM and nurture healthy relationships with the local community.

The CDAB is an advisory board that will advise on VTCSOM’s inclusion policies and programs as well as interprofessional and community and culture programs and curricula. The CDAB also helps strengthen and sustain healthy connections between VTCSOM faculty, staff, and students and the larger Roanoke Valley Community.

CDAB meets 2-3 times a year to accomplish the following goals:

  1. To encourage an ongoing dialogue between VTCSOM and the local community about learning in the area of diversity and its contributions to community-building
  2. To provide guidance to VTCSOM leadership with regard to diversity initiatives, Interprofessionalism, and community outreach.
  3. To create a welcoming community environment for students by (a) connecting them with appropriate resources in the community; (b) encouraging community involvement in VTCSOM functions and activities, as appropriate; and (c) encouraging reciprocal involvement of faculty, staff, and students in community events
  4. To provide input and feedback to the school from the community

Membership & Membership Criteria

The CDAB strives for diverse board membership. The following characteristics are considered for CDAB membership:

  • Current member of or demonstrated ties with the Roanoke Valley community
  • Demonstrated commitment to and/or experience in higher education, healthcare, sciences, law, or community-organizing
  • Demonstrated commitment to underserved or traditionally underrepresented populations
  • Demonstrated experience as a successful leader or role-model within multicultural groups
  • Significant life experiences in rural, inner city, or culturally diverse communities
  • Demonstration of a strong, continuous commitment to diversity through professional, extracurricular activities, and/or leadership roles
  • Significant contribution to and/or formation of a diversity initiative, including program development, training, or advocacy

Individuals interested in receiving more information, including the membership nomination process, should contact the Community and Culture Manager.