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Accreditation Update - Winter 2018

Dear Institutional Self-Study Committee Members and Chairs,

I am happy to report that the Institutional Self Study is officially complete with the chairs wrapping up their review of the subcommittees’ reports and compiling a final Self-Study Report on Nov. 30.

This final document would not have been possible without all of the committee members’ hard work from this summer and into early fall. The 68 subcommittee members evaluated 93 element responses with appendices that totaled 3,432 pages – that is a tremendous amount of work! I want to thank each of you for your tireless effort that set-up our chairs for a successful review that is now complete.

So, what’s next? From now through the end of February, work will be done to look at the LCME Data Collection Instrument (DCI), the Independent Student Analysis (ISA), and the final self-study report and synthesize them into a 35-page executive summary. That will set us up to submit everything to the LCME on July 1, 2018 with their site visit scheduled for Oct. 21-24.

The accreditation process is lengthy, detail-oriented, and requires many of our stakeholders to be engaged. I appreciate your hard work to help us complete one more step of the process!

Cynda Johnson