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Study Spaces on the HS&T Campus

There are lots of places students can study around the Health Science and Technology campus at Riverside Circle.

Student favorites around the HS&T Campus

  • 2 Riverside Café
  • VTCSOM library (main floor Riverside 2)
  • FBRI HS&T library (main floor Riverside 4)
  • Patio at the back of the 2 Riverside atrium (main level behind welcome desk)
  • Patio at the front of the 2 Riverside atrium (outside VTCSOM library)
  • Ground-level student space (picnic tables at the back of 2 Riverside)
  • Patio outside 4 Riverside atrium
  • 3 Riverside Café (indoor and outdoor tables)
  • M106 (nights and weekends)
  • M110D Library Conference Room (nights and weekends)
  • M114 Conference Room (nights and weekends)
  • M118 Student Activity Center (room connected to Dr. Holt Foerst's office)
  • M203 (nights and weekends)
  • M206 Student Center Conference Room
  • M210 (nights and weekends)
  • M211 (nights and weekends)
  • M212 Student Center
  • PBL Rooms
  • HS&T Center for Inclusion (Riverside 1, Room 205B)
    • Reservation details in the Wellness Weekly newsletter (contact Dr. Holt Foerst for details)
  • Carilion Roanoke Memorial Health Sciences Library
  • Student Workroom in Carilion Memorial Hospital (M3 and M4 students only)

Additional study spots away from the Riverside Complex can be found here.