Fourth-year students discover the location and clinical area in which they begin their residency. This celebration is the culmination of four years of study. Envelopes are handed out during the private ceremony, indicating the residency that matched with each student. During the public ceremony, students shared their next adventure with their classmates and guests.  

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[Dean Lee Learman]: Class of 2023. I can speak for the entire school when I say, we are so proud of you, we are brimming with excitement and we are confident in your success as residents and in your careers in medicine to follow. 

[Aubrey Knight, senior dean for student affairs]: Match Day is arguably more eagerly anticipated than graduation for the 43 people that are sitting before me. I'm pleased to inform you that 100% of the class of 2023 have matched into categorical residency positions. 

[Video sound of students counting down]: five four three two one. Students cheering as they open their envelopes. 

[Dean Learman]: We're just so proud of our class of 2023. 100% match rate. Over ten per cent staying right here at Carilion VTC. I can't tell you how joyous I am about these outcomes. 

[Aubrey Knight]: Literally the places they matched or a who's who in a well-respected academic medical center. 

[Oscar Alcoreza]: We're going to Brigham. 

[Aubrey Knight]: It is an incredible match. A new bar has been set by this class.

[Chukwuemeka Uwakaneme]: It's just hard. It's hard to describe, honestly, this is one of the first times I'm at a loss for words. 

[Satya Vedula]: I'm speechless. I'm excited. I couldn't have asked for a better place to go. 

[Shashank Somasundaram]: I am over the moon. I never thought it was going to happen, but I'm so excited. 

[Alyssa Vassallo]: It's still soaking in. It still feels very surreal right now. 

[Rebekah Sayre]: I don't think I could have gone any better.

[Musical interlude with students sharing their match signs]

[Aubrey Knight]: Congratulations class of 2023 on matching, and matching, so well. I'm so proud of you.

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