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International Health Clinic - volunteering with Bradley Free Clinic


Student Leadership

Devra Asah
Martin Barylak
Abhi Bhutada
Ilona Jileaeva
Vemmy Metsutnan
Riya Patel

Faculty Mentor


Note: contact information for student leaders and faculty mentors is available for current students only.  

The International Health Clinic (IHC) is a student-run free clinic dedicated to improving access to clinical care for the refugee and immigrant population in Roanoke, VA.

Join the International Health Clinic (IHC) to get involved in: 

  • Volunteering at our monthly Spanish clinic nights
  • Working with an underserved patient population, translation services, and the amazing staff at the Bradley Free Clinic 
  • Our emergency department follow up program for non-English speaking patients 
  • Community projects in collaboration with the Refugee & Immigrant 
  • Medical Association (RIMA) 
  • Quality improvement and public health research 
  • Leadership positions and the national Society for Student Run Free Clinics