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AΩA Member Selection

Alpha Omega Alpha Members

Each year, the Delta Virginia Chapter of AΩA inducts junior members, senior members, residents, and faculty.

Junior members are chosen in the winter of their third year. The chapter receives student nominations from the Dean’s Office based on academic standing. Up to 25% of the class is nominated each year. The nominees are then contacted to fill out an application. Current AΩA student leadership and faculty ultimately select two or three students for induction. These students will serve as AΩA leadership the following year.

Senior members are chosen in the summer between their third and fourth year. The selection process is identical to junior membership selection. Four or five senior members are inducted annually.

Students chosen for election are picked not only for their high academic standing as evidenced by Letters of Distinction, but also for leadership among their peers, research endeavors, community service, and interprofessionalism. Inducted students generally demonstrate a high level of professionalism and a firm sense of ethics, promise of future success in medicine, and a commitment to service in the school and community.

The chapter solicits resident physician and faculty member nominations annually from Carilion Clinic Department leadership. From the pool of nominees, up to two resident physicians and two attending physicians are selected for induction by student and faculty AΩA leadership annually.