Office of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Team
Student Affairs Team: Angelica Stovall, Carrie Knopf, Dr. Aubrey Knight, Emily Holt Foerst, and Elvir Berbic

The Office of Student Affairs at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine strives to support and advocate for students from the moment they receive their letter of acceptance to medical school through their preparations for residency.

Our support encompasses most of the day-to-day events and activities of student life. We take great pride in fostering a caring and open environment in which you feel comfortable in allowing us to assist you in your journey through medical school. We offer responsive and accessible resources for your personal health and wellness, professional growth and development, academic achievement and excellence, and career development and preparation.

Each year, the Office of Student Affairs participates in orientation for new students as well as the White Coat Ceremony, the Student Clinician’s Ceremony, the Donor Memorial, the Match Day celebration, and graduation.

Other responsibilities of the Office of Student Affairs include:

Please visit us in person, by telephone, or via email for answers to your questions or for other assistance.

Student Affairs Team

Aubrey L. Knight, MD

Senior Dean for Student Affairs

Riverside 2 M155

Angelica Stovall, BSN, MBA, QMHP

Director of Student Affairs

Riverside 2 M115

Elvir Berbic, MS

Student Affairs Manager

Riverside 2 M116

Emily M. Holt Foerst, MA

Director of Academic Counseling and Enrichment Services

Riverside 2 M118A

Carrie F. Knopf, MA

Student Affairs Coordinator
Services for Students with Disabilities Liaison to Admissions

Riverside 1 M106