Interprofessionalism at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine is the study and practice of the science of teamwork and roles between various health care providers including student doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and allied health providers. 

Students at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine study interprofessionalism throughout their four years.  The goal is to have the professions learn to work together and respect one another's roles in health care, so that in future clinical settings, they can work more effectively as a team to improve patient outcomes.  

The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine is the first medical school in the country to integrate interprofessionalism as a requirement across the entire curriculum.

Clinical Skills
Class of 2022 practices examining a standardized patients abdomen.

Year 1

Radford University Carilion to include nursing and physician assistant students

Interdisciplinary teams formed of 8 to 9 students

Personal reflection

Conflict resolution

Successful team work

Investigating roles, responsibilities, and potential biases of different health care professions

Understanding personal values

Learning group leadership skills 

Participating in a Health Care Team Challenge

Partnership with Virginia Western and Al Pollard Institute involving culinary health

Nutrition self-reflection

Service learning community partnerships

Year 2

Team shadowing and observation experiences

Simulation experiences

Nurse shadowing experiences

Ethical and legal issues

Health care ethics team challenge

Medical humanities

Public health and medicine in connection to interprofessionalism

Years 3 & 4

Interprofessional learning objectives  included in all clerkship rotations

Domain Days (series of special clinical topics)

Disaster Day with Radford University Carilion that includes over 200 students

Telephone medicine simulation with Radford University Physical Therapy students

Patient Safety/Quality of Care simulation

Final assessment of teamwork skills

Many thanks to our current partners who make interprofessionalism so successful! 

  • Radford University Carilion
  • Virginia Western Community College
  • Various other community organizations

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