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Learning Environment Advocacy Committee

The Learning Environment Advocacy Committee (LEAC) is a committee composed of faculty, staff, students, residents, and Carilion health professionals appointed by the dean.

The committee is charged with:

  • promoting a learning environment that best supports student education;
  • raising awareness about what constitutes mistreatment and unprofessional behavior through educational sessions for medical students, residents, and faculty;
  • investigating allegations of mistreatment and unprofessional behavior in the learning environment; and
  • resolving reported incidents through a committee process that determines appropriate disciplinary action to address the unacceptable behavior.

Committee Members

Felicity Adams-Vanke, MD, Committee Chair
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Beth Ipock, MAEd, MSW, QMHP, Staff Representative
Director of Clinical Skills Assessment and Evaluation

Tammy Barry, Carilion Clinic Administration Representative
Human Resources Business Director

Jerrie Patterson, RN, Carilion Clinic Nursing Representative
Unit Director

Karen Burns, Administrative Support
Executive Assistant to the Dean

VTCSOM Faculty Representatives

  • N.L. Bishop, DMin, Faculty Representative
    Sr. Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Vitality
  • Robert Moylan, MD, PhD, Faculty Representative
    Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology
  • Kris Rau, PhD, Faculty Representative
    Assistant Professor of Basic Science Education
  • Sarah DeWitt, MD, Faculty Representative
    Professor of Internal Medicine
  • Emily Faulks, MD, Faculty Representative
    Professor of Surgery

VTCSOM Student Representatives

  • Noah Oakland, M1 Representative
    Class of 2024
  • Luma Abunimer, M2 Representive
    Class of 2023
  • April DeStefano, M2 Representative
    Class of 2023
  • Yazdi Doshi, M3 Representative
    Class of 2022
  • Aryo Sorayya, M3 Representative
    Class of 2022
  • Tien Nguyen, M4 Representative
    Class of 2021
  • Meredith Rahman, M4 Representative
    Class of 2021

Carilion Clinic Resident Representatives

  • Felicia Gallucci, MD
  • Margaret Nelson, MD
  • Badr Ratnakaran, MD

Committee Advisors

  • Tracey Criss, MD
  • Daniel Harrington, MD
  • Aubrey Knight, MD
  • David Musick, PhD
  • Richard Vari, PhD