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VTCSOM encourages students to form and become involved with VTC Student Clubs, specialty interest groups (SIGs) and student chapters of regional and national professional medical organizations, as a way to augment their medical school experience and help enhance their personal and/or professional development. 

Student Clubs

The Academic Medicine Interest Group aims to further interest in academic careers in our students  through conferences and speaker events. Academic careers are those where clinicians supplement  clinical activities with research interests and teaching, usually at large academic medical centers.

Aerospace medicine addresses medical challenges in unique circumstances such as microgravity, hypoxic enviroments, radiation and unizque psychological stressors. The mission of the VTCSOM Aerospace Medicine club is to explore these unique challenges and provide educational and professional development opportunities within the field.

To promote social and cultural understanding of international health care models and systems, and specific needs and challenges of international communities through collaborative rotations and exchanges of VTCSOM medical students to locations throughout the world. All International Student exchanges will be undertaken in service to the VTCSOM overall mission of educating and graduating physician thought leaders who will have a broad, empathic, and culturally aware world view of their role as a physician. This will include a significant understanding of health care practices in various systems that are facing differing needs both clinically and financially. Students will be encouraged to work as part of interprofessional health care teams and to participate in international electives that align with their career interests and desire for community service.

The purpose of this club is to provide a forum for the study and discussion of medical history topics, allowing for greater understanding of the context of medicine as it has developed into its modern form.

The International Health Clinic (IHC) is a student-run free clinic dedicated to improving access to clinical care for the refugee and immigrant population in Roanoke, VA.

Human-centered design is an approach to interactive systems development that aims to make systems usable and useful by focusing on the users, applying human factors/ergonomics and usability knowledge and techniques. Our group is here to support future physicans develop medical design thinking and skills so that they can fix challenges, not just face them.

Mission: Creating tomorrow's abortion providers and pro-choice physicians.
Values: We believe that all people should have access to health services that allow them to lead safe, healthy lives including all aspects of sexual and reproductive health consistent with their own personal and cultural values.


The purpose of the Wilderness Medicine Club is:

  • To facilitate interdisciplinary interaction among students and faculty expressing interests in issues relating to health and the wilderness.

  • To provide a forum for speakers to present topics of interest to the general membership.

  • To provide a forum for interaction between the national organization of the Wilderness Medical Society and members of the Student Interest Group.

  • To act as an information and referral resource to members pursuing careers in areas related to health and the wilderness.

  • To participate, when appropriate, in community projects or with other campus organizations on issues relevant to wilderness medicine.

Specialty Interest Groups

  • Emergency Medicine Interest Group
  • Family Medicine Interest Group
  • Internal Medicine Interest Group
  • Interventional Radiology Interest Group
  • Neurology, Neuroscience & Neurosurgery Interest Group
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Interest Group
  • Ophthalmology Interest Group
  • Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Interest Group
  • Otolaryngology/HNS Interest Group
  • Pediatrics Interest Group
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group
  • Psychiatry Student Interest Group
  • Radiology Specialty Interest Group
  • Surgery Interest Group