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Faculty Annual Review

To meet accreditation requirements as well as good human resource management practice, it is necessary to have a yearly academic performance evaluation of all faculty members.  This yearly evaluation, whether completed by the chair of the department or (in the case of larger clinical departments) section chiefs, is a time that a discussion can be held with the faculty member about involvement in the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine mission and relevant components of progress toward promotion.

All VTCSOM faculty are evaluated annually, based on the July to June academic year. You do not need to print, photocopy, or transmit hardcopies of completed evaluations. Annual Reviews are now completed electronically through the Elements/UDC database.

Annual administrative reviews are conducted by the dean or designee for faculty serving as a chair, dean (assistant/associate/senior associate/senior/vice dean), director (course/curriculum/unit director), chief diversity officer or chief well-being officer. The administrative reviews focus exclusively on the roles and responsibilities associated with their administrative position and are additional to the academic review conducted by the chair of the department in which faculty hold an academic appointment. 

The following content is designed to assist evaluators, faculty, and administrative personnel in completing this process.