Academic Departments

Basic Science Education

  • Chair: Renee J. LeClair, PhD
  • Faculty

Emergency Medicine

  • Chair: John H. Burton, MD
    Vice Chair: Damon R. Kuehl, MD
    Clerkship Director: Paul Stromberg, MD
  • Faculty

Family and Community Medicine

  • Chair: Michael P. Jeremiah, MD
    Vice Chair: Mark H. Greenawald, MD
    Clerkship Director: E. Mark Watts, MD
  • Faculty

Internal Medicine

  • Chair: Paul R. Skolnik, MD
    Vice Chair: Bruce E. Johnson, MD
    Clerkship Director: Allen Blackwood
  • Faculty


  • Chair: David B. Trinkle, MD
    Vice Chair: Lisa Allison-Jones, PhD, MSN, RN
  • Faculty

Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Chair: Fidel A. Valea, MD
    Vice Chair: Eduardo Lara-Torre, MD
    Clerkship Director: Natalie Karp, MD
  • Faculty

Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Chair: Joseph Moskal, MD
    Vice Chair: Thomas K. Miller, MD


  • Chair: Kimberly Dunsmore, MD
    Vice Chair: Donald W. Kees, MD
    Clerkship Director: Harsha Bhagtani, MD
  • Faculty

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

  • Chair: Robert L. Trestman, PhD, MD
    Clerkship Director: Eric Vance, MD


  • Co-Department Chair: Sam S. Nakat, MD
    Co-Department Chair & Clerkship Director: Daniel R. Karolyi, MD, PhD
  • Faculty


  • Chair: Michael Nussbaum, MD, FACS
    Vice Chair: Charles J. Paget, MD
    Clerkship Director: Tananchai Lucktong, MD
  • Faculty