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Basic Science Education

The mission of the Department of Basic Science Education is to develop an integrated medical experience using evidence-based delivery grounded in the science of learning. Members of the department excel in the design and delivery of advanced teaching and assessment methods to establish robust, state-of-the-art teaching practices. The goal is to establish the department as a center of excellence for the science of medical education, publishing research and establishing best practices for the benefit of our students and medical education at large. 


Value Domains

The Basic Science Education department supports the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine value domains in the following ways:

Basic Science

Our faculty play an integral role in the development, design and delivery of the pre-clinical years at VTCSOM.  Through departmental collaborations we work to implement a progressive basic science program that is well aligned with the other value domains focusing on the clinical application of basic science concepts.  We also strive to revisit basic science concepts in the clinical years through highlighted topics and integration into grand rounds.

Clinical Science

The Department of Basic Education works closely with the clinical domain to ensure that students have the basic knowledge needed to successfully perform clinical tasks. We strive to provide students with the skills to interpret and understand clinical imaging and laboratory values essential in generating a differential diagnosis. 


Our faculty support the research domain by serving as research mentors on projects both basic science and educational in nature.  We work closely with this domain functioning as research and student evaluators for different aspects of the curriculum across the academic years.

Health Systems Science and Interprofessional Practice

Throughout the health systems science curriculum, various topical threads are placed.  The faculty of Basic Science Education bridge and integrate content threads both vertically and horizontally to generate an appreciation for how basic content can be used across the health systems science and interprofessional practice domain.