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Health Care Innovation and Implementation Science

The goal of the Department of Health Care Innovation and Implementation Science is to have various health professions learn to work together and respect one another's roles so that they can work effectively as a team to improve patient care. The department’s curriculum also includes the study of health systems science which is the study of how health care is delivered with the end goal of improving the quality of health care for patients and populations.


Value Domains

The health care innovation and implementation science department supports the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine value domains in the following ways:

Basic Science

Several focus areas overlap multiple basic science disciplines and are interwoven throughout the school's patient-centered curriculum. These include nutrition, culinary health, complementary and alternative medicine, and oral health.  Understanding personal values and learning group leadership skills are an early focus of the curriculum.  Faculty from the medical school, Virginia Tech, and Radford University Carilion are intimately involved in the delivery of this curricular component.

Clinical Science

Interprofessionals skills learned in basic science are reinforced as students learn clinical skills.


Faculty members are available to serve as mentors to students in their research projects, which are a required intensive, four-year program.

Health Systems Science and Interprofessional Practice

The focus is on professionalism, ethics, role of the health professions, community service, public health, and patient safety as well as health systems topics including population health, quality and safety, health systems analysis, health care finance, value-based care, informatics, and health disparities.