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Student Wellness

Personal Wellness

Personal & Professional Wellness

Time and sleep management are critical elements of the medical education setting.  Learn more about how you can improve your habits.

Mental & Emotional Wellness

Be proactive about your mental and emotional wellness. Find out more about strategies and the resources you have at VTC.

Physical Wellness

Staying active is an important part of wellness.  Learn more about what you can do to stay active at VTC.

Academic Wellness

 Learn more about what you can do to foster your academic wellness in the unique medical education learning environment.

Financial Wellness

Little things add up.  Help yourself monitor and manage those little things.  The future you will be thankful!

Interpersonal Wellness 

Learn more about student support resources and services as well as learning opportunities in the realm of inclusion, diversity,  equity, and anti-racism.

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Wellness Events Calendar

VT Hokie Wellness in partnership with the VTC School of Medicine, and the Roanoke Graduate Student Association.

Wellness Weekly

Every Friday, employees and students of VTC receive this newsletter which includes recipes, tips, and wellness news.

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Mental & Emotional Wellness

Depression and anxiety can interfere with our desire to perform at our best. Identifying and engaging with resources is recommended. There are a variety of people and support services available to VTCSOM students.

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Physical Wellness

Taking care of our bodies fosters a variety of personal health elements. This section offers a list of resources and support services.

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Academic Wellness

Knowing and having easy access to our academic resources fosters optimal outcomes in academic endeavors. This section lists a variety of academic wellness resources and services.

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