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Three screenshots in a collage. Google, SharePoint, and Outlook
Multiple viewing options for VTCSOM calendars: Google, SharePoint, and Outlook

The school of medicine uses a number of calendars to keep various constituents apprised of what is happening on campus. In order to improve communication and collaboration for all, we have made each of these calendars available to all staff and students.

We offer these calendars in three formats: Google, SharePoint, and Outlook.


Please note that some calendars require a user to be signed into a Virginia Tech account.


A week view of all the Google Calendars
A week view of all the Google Calendars. The different colors reflect events from different calendars. The user can customize the calendar colors.

Many of you have interacted with the VTCSOM Google Calendars in the past. Some of these calendars are embedded in our website. For your convenience, we have provided the links to each of the calendars below. Please note that some calendars require a Virginia Tech PID to access them. 


Screenshot of the combined SharePoint calendar. The list of calendars appears on the left. On the right it shows a mix of events in different colors corresponding to each calendar.
Combined SharePoint calendar. The different colors reflect events from different calendars.

For those who prefer, or operate mostly in, the Microsoft environment, we have made these calendars available on a VTCSOM SharePoint site. Please note that you must have a Virginia Tech PID in order to view this site.

Note for Carilion users: For those who are actively logged in with profiles, you may need to open these links in a different browser, or use an incognito window to open these pages in SharePoint. If needed, use this link to load the Virginia Tech instance of Microsoft Office

Outlook Online (tested for Carilion)


Multiple calendars on the screen within the Outlook desktop application.
A view of all the VTCSOM calendars showing at once within Outlook. The different colors reflect events from different calendars. The user can customize the calendar colors.

For those of you using the Microsoft Outlook Desktop Application, you have the option of connecting the SharePoint calendars to your Outlook. Note this only works with Windows machines. This will not work on a Mac.

Please note, there is at this time no way to connect SharePoint calendars to the Online Application version of Outlook. 

View the video or use the steps below to connect SharePoint calendars to the Outlook Desktop Application.  

Today we're going to add the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine calendars to Microsoft Outlook desktop application.

The way to get to the calendars is you click on the menu then About and then the 3rd item down here is VTCSOM calendars.

This page was created to show all the different options for calendaring: Google, SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook.

To get to the instructions for Microsoft Outlook click on Outlook.

There's an introductory note here for those who have the Microsoft Outlook desktop application, you have the option of connecting the calendars to your Outlook.

To do so you click on VTCSOM calendar SharePoint site link and what you will see here are all of the different colors from the various calendars that are represented.

Below each day you have the option to see more items like on more items click on more items and you will see all the events happening that day.

And you can then continue clicking the more items links to expand each of the weeks in the month.

One thing that's a little bit different about the SharePoint site versus Google is that when you click on one of these calendar items here on the left you will select only that calendar. We do not have the option to toggle like you do in Google.

For example if we just wanted to look at what the Community and Culture calendar was like we can click on that they chose all of the events just happening for Community and Culture.

If you would like to see all of the calendars at once again you can click on View all the VTCSOM Calendars link on the left and then you see all the calendars again.

If you would like to connect a calendar to your Outlook, if you want to take that next step, then you would click on the calendar that you would like to connect let's say HS&T wellness and then use the connected Outlook button.

This will open up a dialog that asks you if you would like to open up Outlook, and then you choose open Outlook and this will open up the Outlook screen.

Within Outlook you will get a dialog box asking if you want to connect this calendar. Click the yes button and now your calendar appears inside of Outlook.

If you would like to view this calendar on top of your own calendar you can click the little arrow button in the calendar tab at the top of the screen and that will overlay both calendars.

And then you repeat the process for the other calendars as well.

So you can choose a calendar directly here from the menu or you can go back to VTCSOM calendars.

Click the next one. Connect to Outlook. Open Outlook et cetera.

When you turn on all the calendars, Outlook will default to schedule view which may look a little bit strange for some of you.

You can choose alternative views such as Day View, Work Week View, Week View, or Month View.

We hope this gives you some flexibility as you work with the calendars.

Connecting SharePoint to Outlook

Open the VTCSOM Calendar SharePoint Site

Click on the VTC Community Culture & Diversity calendar.

the list of calendars inside the SharePoint site. An arrow is pointing to the first calendar.

Click on the Connect to Outlook link.

Connect to Outlook button with an arrow pointing toward it

A dialog box will open asking you to connect to your Outlook application. Click the Open Outlook button.

(Note: The actual image and language may vary, but the message will be similar.)

Dialog box asking if you want to open Outlook. There are two buttons on the screen. Click the one that says Outlook.

Switch to the Outlook Desktop Application where you will see a dialog box similar to the one shown here where it requests permission to connect this SharePoint calendar to Outlook. Click the YES button to approve. 

Outlook permission screen. Click Yes to allow connection.
Within Microsoft Outlook two calendars appear side by side. The original in blue and the added calendar in orange.

The calendar will now appear side by side along with your other calendars in Outlook. Use the little arrow next to the title of the calendar to layer this calendar on top of your own. 

Repeat this procedure for each of the calendars. 

Campus Calendars

The Center for Inclusion Reservation Calendar

1 Riverside, 205B

Interested in reserving the Center for Inclusion? Want to access the Center for Inclusion reservation calendar? Then, please use the details and directions below to set up your reservation.

  • Login to your personal google calendar
  • Click "create" button, add event (choosing date, time and title)
  • Paste the link in "add guests" line, save, and send

Add the Center for Inclusion calendar to your personal list of calendars and/or student group webpage.

FBRI HS&T Library Space Reservation Calendar

VT University Libraries

Do you need an extra study space while on the HS&T campus? You can reserve FBRI HS&T library space daily from 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM

VTCSOM Library Space Reservation Calendar

VT University Libraries

Do you need an extra study space while on the HS&T campus? You can reserve VTCSOM library conference room daily from 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

HS&T Campus Student Services Calendar

HS&T Campus

This calendar hosts a variety of events hosted by HS&T Campus student services.  Explore and add to the HS&T Campus Student Services Calendar, which hosts a variety of events hosted by HS&T Campus student services.

HS&T Campus Wellness Events Calendar

HS&T Wellness

It is now an option to add the HS&T (VTC) Campus Wellness Events Calendar to your list of Google calendars.  Events hosted and/or amplified by the HS&T Wellness Team, VTCSOM Wellness Advocacy Committee, RGSA as well as VT Hokie Wellness will be added to this calendar on a regular basis. And, if you know of a wellness-related event not included, don't hesitate to email any member of the HS&T Wellness Team to let us know.

Just click here to access the HS&T Wellness Events Calendar. 

VTCSOM Community, Culture, and Diversity Calendar

VTCSOM Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Interested in learning more about diversity, equity, and inclusion events around Roanoke and Blacksburg? Click here to learn more about the community, culture, and diversity calendar.