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Office of Student Affairs Team

Student Affairs Team
Student Affairs Team: Dr. Angelica Witcher, Carrie Knopf, Dr. Aubrey Knight, Dr. Emily Holt Foerst, and Elvir Berbic

Student Affairs Team

Aubrey L. Knight, MD

Senior Dean, Student Affairs

Riverside 2 M155

Elvir Berbić, MS

Student Affairs Manager

Riverside 2 M116

Emily M. Holt Foerst, PhD

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs & Director, Academic Counseling and Enrichment Services

Riverside 2 M140

Carrie F. Knopf, MA, CPACC

Student Affairs Coordinator
Services for Students with Disabilities Liaison to Admissions

Riverside 2 M115

Angelica Witcher, PhD, MBA

Assistant Dean for Student Vitality
Director, Student Affairs

Riverside 2 M151