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Flipped Classroom

This classroom was designed for small group active learning, with tables for 6-7 students spaced around the room. Active learning involves students working together in teams to solve clinical problems and cases, by applying basic science knowledge and concepts. Each team has a large networked screen at their station to view material and share content with each other and also with teams at other tables. This open space allows the faculty educator to visit each team and guide their learning and also address the whole class to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

This classroom is also equipped with equipment to record faculty lectures. Motion-sensing cameras are able to follow the faculty member if they move while delivering the curriculum so that students are able to watch lectures on their own time.

Four students, each wearing masks and faceshields, are seated around a table, looking at a large screen with an ultrasound image
Multiple pods are located around the room, allows faculty to teach in a flipped style, with students working and learning about the subject matter in groups or teams.
A student, wearing a mask and face shield, points at an ultrasound image on a large screen
There are large screens at each station so material can be easily viewed by each group and content can be shared from the students’ devices to the screens.
three students, wearing masks and face shields. Student one holds an ultrasound wand to the neck of student two, while student three reaches toward the tablet
Working in small teams allows for deeper learning.