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Communications Resources

This page houses our most frequently requested communications resources. We hope you find it useful. If you have questions or suggestions, reach out to the communications team

In addition to the resources found here, the Virginia Tech Brand Center offers more guidance on appropriate use for brand assets such as colors, fonts, etc. 

COVID-19 signage

Virginia Tech's COVID-19 site has a number of printable signage options available to remind people about physical distancing, hand washing, etc. There is also signage for new room and elevator occupancies. Please download and print the VT approved signage for use around campus.

Instructional Resources

  • General Item
    Instructions for

    Learn how to add captions on the Virginia Tech video platform and edit collaborators in order to place the videos on the VTCSOM website

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    Global Accessibility Awareness Day: our commitment to accessibility , redirect

    In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we take this opportunity to share what the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine has done to advance accessibility in its digital environment, and share tips on how you can improve accessibility in your own sphere of influence.

  • General Item
    Accessibility at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

    Video and transcript for an accessibility presentation by web and social media manager Vianne Greek, who is a certified professional in web accessibility. This presentation outlines the various efforts that Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine is using to become more accessible to all audiences.

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    Adobe Express Libraries

    Adobe Express is an online graphic editor program, much like Canva. Users who have an Adobe license have access to this online editor. A VTCSOM brandkit and numerous libraries have been loaded to Adobe Express to make your editing process easier. This page contains the links to those libraries.

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    CMS introduction

    This page contains videos that are excerpted from the introductory training provided on the Virginia Tech Ensemble version of the Adobe Experience Manager content management system.

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    VTCSOM website customizations

    This page contains various customizations for the VTCSOM website, including image border colors, button colors, backgrounds, etc. These instructions are for users who have access to the back end of the CMS.

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    Moving past events

    This tutorial teaches a user how to move expired events from the events folder to the past events folder, so that they continue to appear in the past events section of the website.

Downloadable Resources

New VTCSOM PowerPoint

In October 2022, Virginia Tech released a new accessible PowerPoint template. Below are links for the VT version as well as a VTCSOM version.

VTCSOM Letterhead

PC version
MAC version

Virginia Tech Fonts

Use this link to access the Virginia Tech fonts. You will need to download and install them on your computer in order for the PowerPoint and Letterhead templates to work.

Zoom Backgrounds

You can download VTCSOM branded Zoom backgrounds here. 

Instructions for changing your Zoom background can be found here.

Photo / Video Request

Email Ryan Anderson at to schedule a date and time for photography or videography.

Event Requests

Request for an event to be added to the VTCSOM website, Facebook, or lobby monitors.

Order Business Cards

Make sure you have approval from your supervisor before ordering if you do not manage your department/office budget.

Create a HokieMart requisition to purchase your business cards through an approved vendor

The printing company should send you a proof. Check carefully! Don’t approve until you are sure all of the information is correct and the card contains the VTCSOM logo.

Once approved, they will print and send to you via mail.