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VTCSOM Chapter of the Medical Society of Virginia / American Medical Association

Physician and Patient Advocacy: Medical Society of Virginia / American Medical Association


Student Leadership

Brianna Chang
Dana Wang
Niju Khatiwada
Shruthi Prabhakar
Yavuz Durmaz

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Adegbenga Bankole

Note: contact information for student leaders and faculty mentors is available for current students only.  


For medical students to:

  • Learn how to research, draft, and monitor state and national health policy
  • Become familiar with current health policies in Virginia that affect patients, medical providers, and their clinical practice
  • Become effective physician-advocates
  • Actively engage with health promotion and patient advocacy in their communities

MSV's 2021 Legislative Priorities

  • Telehealth expansion
  • Opposing medical malpractice cap
  • Expansion of MSV’s clinician well-being program (Safe Haven)
  • Protecting physician scope of practice
  • Opposing mandated physician litigation assistance