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Student Leadership

Brandon Ganjineh
Mary Grace Milam

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Renee LeClair

Note: contact information for student leaders and faculty mentors is available for current students only.  

We are a relatively new club for people who enjoy gardening in any capacity to meet, discuss, and trade both indoor and outdoor plants. We help coordinate waterings for people who are out of town.

We are also a great resource for those who want to get started with gardening and need help getting off the ground. We have volunteered with neighboring gardening associations in the past such as the LEAP Community Garden and the Roanoke Valley Garden Club. 

During the summer, we have plots of land at the community gardens that are open to students to plant whatever they would like. Often this ends up being seasonal fruits and veggies. 

Currently, there are two big planters outside of the library growing plants. This space is free for students to plant whatever they would like.

Finally, we will be having a "cutting" exchange in the winter off-season for students to exchange cuttings of indoor plants with one another.