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Medical Student Grand Rounds at VTCSOM

Medical Student Grand Rounds at VTCSOM


Student Leadership

Dana Wang
Lincoln Kartchner

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Joanne Greenawald

Note: contact information for student leaders and faculty mentors is available for current students only.  


Medical Student Grand Rounds at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine seeks to provide a platform for medical students to share their work and/or experiences in clinical care, medical education, research, health policy, community engagement, and more with peers, faculty, and staff through Grand Rounds style talks. This series of talks aims to amplify the student lens and perspective on a broad set of topics in medicine and provide a forum to encourage student-driven discussions.


Our goals are to:

  1. Highlight the breadth of VTC medical student interests and the work they have engaged in within health and medicine through a series of talks hosted throughout the academic year.
  2. Provide professional development opportunities for students through workshops and coaching on skills such as effective story-telling, communicating key points, and building engaging presentations.
  3. Connect VTC community members with similar interests and serve as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  4. Engage students through a scholarly pursuit and provide an opportunity for students to build their professional profiles.


There will be 3-4 grand rounds series each academic year. Each series will be 1 hour. The talks will be approximately 20 minutes to 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes for Q&A. All talks will be recorded and available for viewing by VTC students, staff, and faculty.

The talks should:

  • Have an educational component targeted to the VTC audience
  • Focus on work the student is substantially involved in or a topic the student is interested in learning more about
  • Properly credit other investigators, collaborators, or prior projects that influenced the current body of work

For research oriented talks:

  • The talk should not be a repeat of the primary project presentation that is given as a part of the VTC research domain
  • Talks related to the primary research project must provide a new perspective or expand on new developments

Proposal Process

Students can propose a topic of their choice by submitting a google form provided by MSGR. Students may also be nominated for a talk by peers through a separate form. Proposed topics will be chosen based on educational value, readiness of the topic to be presented, and overlap with prior talks.

Caring for incarcerated patients on the words: bias, rights, and responsibilities

Lauren ‘LB’ Canary, MPH

LB Canary provided valuable information to medical students about caring for incarcerated patients who they may encounter during third year clerkships. The talk discussed rights of incarcerated persons as pertains to healthcare systems and responsibilities of clinicians in caring for them in a non-carceral setting. 

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Creating a 'Parts List' for the Brain

Katelyn Stebbins

Katelyn Stebbins shared her research as an MD/PhD student in this second medical student grand rounds event. 

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Advocacy as a Medical Student: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward

Luma Abunimer and Sarah Yosief

Luma Abunimer and Sarah Yosief shared their experiences in this inaugural medical student grand rounds event.  

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