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Global Surgery Student Alliance

Global Surgery Student Alliance


Student Leadership

Abhi Bhutada
Sam Speroni

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Katie Howe

Note: contact information for student leaders and faculty mentors is available for current students only.  

We would like to create a global surgery  student group here at Virginia Tech Carilion.  GSSA has a toolkit and team to support  students as they create their groups, and  have an exciting network of student leaders  around the country to connect us with. We have received an incredibly supportive  response from the Carilion surgery  department and are excited to bring together  students, residents, and attendings who are  passionate about global surgery. 

At the very core, global surgery is "a field that  aims to improve health and health equity for  all who are affected by surgical conditions or  have a need for surgical care, with a  particular focus on underserved populations  in countries of all income levels, as well as  populations in crisis, such as those  experiencing conflict, displacement, and  disaster.” Important to this effort is all  aspects of surgery, including anesthesia,  OB/GYN, and nursing.

Whether you are interested in surgery/anesthesia/OBGYN, public health,  economics, finance, policy, engineering, education, statistics, or any combination of these, you have a very significant contribution to make to this growing field. And no matter how little or how much you can contribute, your involvement in global surgery is incredibly necessary and valuable.