We meet at the end of days and cures
As memories depart
Sex and age are all we’re told
With access to your very heart

Death in rows of plastic bags
Firm and hard and cold
Your eyes are closed with parted lips
Mine widen to behold

Your story stunted on a table
Tucked in a plastic shroud
A person stopped mid-sentence
Silent in our nervous crowd

You don’t know me but you’ve given me
Everything you had
The only thing you’re born with
Here in this plastic bag

I made my first incision
I open you to let me in
Exposition met conclusion
Skin cutting skin

We are the tension in your tendons
We mimic blood inside your veins
We place new air inside your shrunken lungs
But you invade our brains

We hope your life was full
We wish you peace as death arrived
We pray you know that what you give us
Transforms your death to future life

We learn from sight and touch
And from what professors say
Mostly we learn that you believed
We’re worth giving yourself away