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Digital Measures FAQ

What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures is the proprietary name for a company that developed and supports a database designed for use by academic institutions such as the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. When we chose to tailor the Digital Measures product to the school’s needs, we opted to retain the Digital Measures name for simplicity.

How secure is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures has taken many steps to create a secure environment for personal information while still offering ease of access. For more information about its security practices and policies, see Serious Security.

Who owns my data and what can Digital Measures do with it?

All data provided by and collected for the school by Digital Measures are solely owned by the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. As per the terms in Digital Measures’ standard service agreement, the company cannot disclose, reuse, sell, or disseminate your data in any way. In addition, Digital Measures legally agrees to take steps to protect your confidential data just as we would any confidential data belonging to us.

How many years of data must be entered into Digital Measures?

We are entering the last five years of data; eventually we will need the totality of your scholarly activities, including grants and contracts. Our immediate interest was in having complete faculty information for the 2014-2015 academic year. As we have now met that immediate need, we hope that faculty will take time to backfill earlier data. The more complete your profile—including an updated curriculum vitae and National Institutes of Health biosketch—the more useful and valid it will be for reporting purposes. Please include end dates to your appointments.

Where did the information already entered in my Digital Measures profile come from?

The data you see when you log into your Digital Measures account for the first time was inputted by a team of specialists hired in early 2015. As we rolled out Digital Measures to each department, the specialists were behind the scenes ensuring that the initial data was entered to help in the transition of establishing Digital Measures as a successful reporting instrument. The specialists used information provided in your faculty appointment or most recent maintenance-of-appointment CV. It is important to note that this does not mean that all of your activities were captured or that your data are displayed to your satisfaction. It is your responsibility to review your information, to make modifications as you deem appropriate, and to maintain your profile.

Can I prepare my CV with Digital Measures?

Yes. We have created a template that follows the school’s CV specifications. Please let us know if you need a different format.

Will Digital Measures be used for faculty promotions?

To some degree. While Digital Measures can prepare a CV in the school’s format, is not an academic portfolio at this time, though we are hopeful such a capability will one day be possible.

Who can see data in Digital Measures and reports generated from it? 

Faculty members can view, modify, and run reports on their own data. The department and/or section designee (typically the department’s administrative assistant) can view and update your data. All department chairs and section chiefs can view profiles and run reports for the members of their respective departments or sections. The deans and designated individuals within the school are able to see the profiles and run reports.

Can we submit new reports to be built into the database?

Yes. We can add, revise, and remove reports at any time. Let the Digital Measures coordinator know what reports you need available.

How can data be entered into Digital Measures?

Data can be entered into Digital Measures in three ways:

  • You can enter your own data directly into the “Manage Your Activities” screens by dragging and dropping from the pasteboard or by typing into the fields directly.
  • If you have a primary faculty appointment at Virginia Tech or Radford University Carilion—and you update your data in that database—you can import your data from those databases, to eliminate the burden of having to duplicate work.
  • The Carilion Clinic CME Tracker, which imports Carilion professional development and continuing medical education data, will update your information directly into Digital Measures once a year.

How can we export data from Digital Measures?

To export data from Digital Measures, use “Run Reports,” or, if a report does not exist, use the “Create a New Report” feature.  

Are there screens that are maintained by Faculty Affairs staff?
What if I want something changed?

Yes. The Administrative Data, Permanent Data, and Yearly Data screens are used for internal purposes within Faculty Affairs. If you feel your information is inaccurate, email the Digital Measures coordinator with "Administrative Data" in the subject line. Do not make any modifications to these pages yourself. The school uses these data for reporting purposes to accrediting bodies and the information must follow the prescribed format.

The courses listed for me on the school’s Courses Taught (Years 1-4) screens are incorrect. How can I get them corrected?

Data for the Undergraduate Scheduled Teaching screen—what you teach each semester at the VTC School of Medicine—is loaded at the end of each block. Contact the Digital Measures coordinator if you believe this information is inaccurate.

I just came from another institution that also uses Digital Measures.
Do I need to recreate everything I already had in that system?

Ideally, no. Contact the Digital Measures coordinator. We will communicate with our Digital Measures solution specialist, who will contact the campus administrator at your previous institution. It should be possible to allow Digital Measures to copy your profile from your previous institution’s database and load it into the school’s database. If your previous institution agrees, Digital Measures typically gets the profiles copied within ten business days.

I cannot login to the system. Whom should I contact?

You can contact us or click the link on the Digital Measures login page.

Are there any training sessions or other help available? 

Most departments have an administrative assistant who can help you with general questions. If you would like additional training, contact the Digital Measures coordinator.