The Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute offers abbreviated versions of the Virginia Tech Diversity Development Institute’s workshops, which are designed to enhance university-wide diversity and inclusion efforts.

Sessions are facilitated by a subject matter experts using curricula grounded in extensive research and practical experiences. After completing 12 hours (6 sessions), participants are eligible for the Diversity Associate Certificate. Some of the courses offered also count as electives toward the Diversity Ally Certificate offered by Virginia Tech’s Diversity Development Institute.

Since the fall of 2014, Virginia Tech Carilion provided 12 different sessions covering topics related to Diversity and Inclusion. Credits were also awarded to those who participated in Safe Zone training at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. Nearly 100 colleagues participated in the 2014-15 sessions, and 24 received Diversity Associate Certificates.

Lunches are open to Virginia Tech Carilion faculty, staff, and students at no charge. Each session meets from 12 to 2 p.m. in room M210. 

Spring 2016 Lunch and Learn Speakers are listed below. Sessions marked with an asterisk indicate workshops that are a core requirement for the Diversity Associate Certificate.

Thursday, January 28

Alicia Cohen
Associate Director for Diversity Education and Training Organizational and Professional Development
Virginia Tech

Neurodiversity is both a philosophy and an emerging civil rights movement. Acknowledging the wide range of human neurologies and understanding the challenges of brain difference is the key to neurodiversity. Participants in this workshop will become more aware of the vast array of brain differences and cultivate an appreciation of the many kinds of talents that can be nurtured in the classroom and work environment.

Wednesday, February 10

Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion: Awareness-Action*
Jamie Washington
President and Founder Washington Consulting Group

This session uses interactive discussion and personal reflection to develop skills to effectively investigate theoretical models describing diversity and differences and recognize the importance of self-awareness as a means of effective engagement. During the session, participants will adopt basic skills for engaging across differences and create steps for continuing their diversity journeys.

Tuesday, February 23

Intersectionality 101
Natasha Cox, PhD
Assistant Director and LGBT Community Advocate
Virginia Tech

Participants will be introduced to the concept of intersectionality and explore how we are influenced by interdependent forms of privilege and oppression. With the help of experiential exercises, this training will allow us to examine how the interaction of our different social locations (e.g., ‘race’/ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, class, sexuality, geography, age, disability/ability, migration status, religion, etc.) impacts our ideas, beliefs, and behaviors.

Tuesday, March 8

Differing Expressions of Faith: Learn, Don't Judge
Saleem Ahmed, MBBCh and Katie Zawacki
Dr. Ahmed is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Science, VTCSOM. 
Ms. Zawacki is a retired Certified Prevention Professional

About half of the people in America report experiencing or witnessing faith-related discrimination or mistreatment of individuals. This session, facilitated by members of our local community, will highlight how you can play a role in helping others feel valued and creating an atmosphere of respect for individuals of all faith and non-faith perspectives.

Tuesday, March 22

Understanding Ourselves and Our Multicultural Conflict Dynamics
Dale Robinson
Assistant Director for Training, Education, and Outreach
Office of Equity and Access
Virginia Tech

Participants will learn about their constructive and destructive responses to conflict and develop a better understanding of the consequences of conflict in a multicultural setting. Participants will also learn the value of perspective taking and strategic communication skills to better address a disagreement, dispute, or conflict when it arises with another member of the Virginia Tech community.

Tuesday, April 5

Exploring Title IX (1972) and the Violence Against Women Act (2013)
Dale Robinson
Assistant Director for Training, Education, and Outreach
Office of Equity and Access
Virginia Tech

Participants will learn about responsibilities associated with both Title IX of the Education Amendments (1972) and the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization (2013). These federal regulations are specifically concerned with sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and domestic or dating violence. This workshop will assist individuals in understanding the policies, complaint and resolution processes, and available resources to assist individuals in addressing these issues.