VTCSOM employees honored by their peers

Ten employees were honored in the second annual VTCSOM Employee Awards. Recipients of each award were nominated by their peers, and excerpts from their nominations were read at the award ceremony. Congratulations to:

  • Rebecca Price – First Responder Award (for always being the first person to offer assistance when needed). “Her dedication and willingness to help anyone with anything is so appreciated. She does this and smiles while she is helping.”
  • Joalenn Tabor – Cheerleader Award (for always encouraging and cheering on your colleagues). “Joalenn has such a bubbly personality! She greets me with daily hugs, and is always genuinely interested in what is going on and how she can help make things better.”
  • Dr. Daniel Harrington – The Calmer of Storms Award (for being able to turn any stressful situation around). “Simply a pillar of strength who provides calm and quiet attitude of peace and perseverance.”
  • Brian Brindle – The Duct Tape Award (for being able to fix just about anything) “Is there anything Brian can't fix? He is amazing! We are so lucky to have him!”
  • Sue Gregory – Rookie of the Year Award (for best newcomer) “Coming in as a new employee when things are hectic is not an easy task but Sue has made it seem effortless. Even on her stressful days, she shows up with a smile on her face and remains positive.”
  • Lauren Harris – Early Bird/Night Owl Award (for always being willing to put in the extra hours until the job gets done). “Her priority is never ‘what time is it?’ but rather, ‘is the job done?’. We all know she should take more time off, but let's at least recognize her hard work with an award!!”
  • Elizabeth Watson – Secretary of the Year. “The Department of Basic Science Education is growing fast and Libby provides support for everyone in the department. She does so enthusiastically...with maturity, a smile on her face, and a hearty laugh when things don't quite go as she has expected.
  • Nick Torre – Coordinator of the Year. “Nick is professional in manner and dress, polite, respectful and intelligent. He works well with fellow employees. He is role model for all.”
  • Dani Backus – Director of the Year. “I have no idea how Dani manages to keep up with everything and make it look so effortless. She is so professional and organized and is one of the hardest workers we have here at VTCSOM.”
  • Dr. Aubrey Knight – Dean of the Year. “Students and staff alike benefit from Aubrey's leadership, compassion, and integrity. Aubrey is a jewel in VTCSOM's crown.”