Six members of the class of 2023, along with four faculty members, and six Carilion Clinic residents were inducted into the prestigious Gold Humanism Honor Society. Part of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, the group recognizes those who display a dedication to health-focused advocacy, a recognition of the power of community service, a commitment to personal excellence, and an empathic heart.

An excerpt from a creative work called Empathy: A Poem by Jeff Forster that was read during the ceremony captures the spirit of the award:

It is a rare gift - the ability to allow others to be exactly as they are.

Broken. Whole. Sad. Angry. Afraid. Lost. Awake or asleep. Whatever.

To listen to them with every fiber of your being. To receive them through the senses, to listen like the wild animals of the forest.

To swaddle them in undistracted fascinated attention.

To envelop them in a silent, warm Presence. To make them feel - in those precious moments that you are together - like they are the most beloved One in the whole Universe.

When you sense this kind of sacred listening from someone, it's unmistakable.
It cannot be manufactured.
It cannot be faked.
It is utterly rare and holy.
It is nothing less than unconditional love.
Your nervous system senses it and rejoices.

Student Inductees

  • Luma Abunimer
  • Anthony Anzivino
  • Macy Marcucci
  • Rebekah Sayre
  • Allison Strauss
  • Sarah Yosief

Faculty Inductees

  • Adegbenga Bankole, MBBS
  • Lee Learman, MD, PhD
  • Joshua Morales, MD
  • Richard Vari, PhD

Resident Inductees
(Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awardees)

  • Ryan Bradley
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Rebecca Gates (VTCSOM Class of  2019)
  • Katherine Howe
  • Kayla Krajick
  • Hannah Loewenberg

Read more about national honor societies at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.