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VTCSOM Faculty Promotions

Eight faculty members who were promoted in 2022
From left: Dr. Jayasimha Rao, Dr. James Smyth, Dr. Sachinder Vasudeva, Dr. Stephanie Nagy-Agren, Dr. Keith Stephenson, Dr. Arnold Salzberg, Dr. David Iglesias, and Dr. Daniel Lollar.

Nineteen VTCSOM faculty members were recently promoted at the annual Faculty Promotion Ceremony.

Assistant to Associate Professor:

  • Irving C. Allen - Basic Science Education
  • James W. Smyth - Basic Science Education
  • Moises R. Cossio - Internal Medicine
  • Apostolos P. Dallas - Internal Medicine
  • Suzanna C. Jamison - Internal Medicine
  • Anthony L. Loschner - Internal Medicine
  • Jayasimha Rao - Internal Medicine
  • Umar F. Sofi - Internal Medicine
  • David A. Iglesias - Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Peter J. Apel - Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Sarah K. Rivelli - Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
  • Sachinder Vasudeva - Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
  • Evelyn M. Garcia - Radiology
  • Daniel I. Lollar – Surgery
  • Arnold D. Salzberg - Surgery
  • Keith R. Stephenson – Surgery

Associate Professor to Professor:

  • Devasmita C. Dev - Internal Medicine
  • Stephanie E. Nagy-Agren - Internal Medicine
  • Jonathan J. Carmouche - Orthopaedic Surgery