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Docs for Morgan Basketball Challenge takes place for the 10th straight year

We have held this friendly competition between Carilion Clinic doctors/residents and VTCSOM students for 10 years. It is a way we have come together as a community to honor the memory of Morgan Dana Harrington and to show that good can always come out of an evil incident.

Our goal is to raise funds for the Morgan Dana Harrington Memorial Scholarship at VTCSOM to support medical students while here at our school.

While COVID has changed our format over the past few years, we have pushed forward.  Earlier this month, the docs took on the students in a shooting competition at Patrick Henry High School.  The event was scaled back significantly for everyone's safety but the enthusiasm for this great cause was stronger than ever.  

Video Transcript

[Various shots of basketballs going into hoops. Title frame: DOCS FOR MORGAN]

[Tracey Criss, chair, Docs for Morgan]: We really wanted to modify the game so that we could do something and bring the students in and participate with them in an event to honor Morgan Harrington. We decided to have some basketball shooting contest to pit one person against another and then play rounds of that and then total up our points and see who won the game. So we did layups, we did free throws, we did three point shots, and it really kept the action going by having one player playing another one and then counting up the score and seeing who won.

[Various shots of individuals shooting baskets]

[Dean Lee Learman]: Although a whole game is a lot of fun, It's sure fun to see a student and a doc together in direct competition.

[Onscreen graphics: Round 1: Docs; Round 2: Docs; Round 3: Students - Docs win!]

[Dean Lee Learman]: It's a wonderful opportunity to get to celebrate Morgan's life in this way, and I really support raising money for the Morgan Dana Harrington scholarship.

[Dan and Gil Harrington]: In response to our family's injury, the scholarship that this game funds helps us send healers back into the community. And that indeed is how you neutralize evil.

[On screen graphics: Since 2015, Docs for Morgan has helped raise over $500,000 for the Morgan Dana Harrington Scholarship and made medical school more affordable for eleven students]

[Tracey Criss]: The goodness of people coming together really does overcome the evil of tragedy.