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VT/VTC Dual Enrollment Course Descriptions

Research in Translational Medicine Certificate Program 

Year 01 Fall Semester

RTM 5014, Introduction to Biomedical Research (6 credits)
Concepts and elements of biomedical research, including the application of the scientific method, hypothesis generation, the biomedical research continuum (basic, translational, and clinical research), research tools, and biostatistics. Review of medical literature and components of successful interdisciplinary research. Pre: Graduate standing (6H, 6C). 

Year 01 Spring Semester

RTM 5024, Translational Science Applications of Biomedical Research (6 credits)
Theory and application of the key concepts and elements of biomedical research, emphasizing the scientific method through the formulation and detailed study of biomedical research questions. Application of biostatistics concepts to an in-depth study of epidemiology and public health. Detailed consideration of biomedical research presentations, primary literature, effective collaboration and scientific misconduct in biomedical research. Pre: 5014 (6H, 6C). 

Year 02 Fall Semester

GRAD 5974: Independent Study (6 credits)

Year 02 Spring Semester

GRAD 5904:  Project & Report (6 credits)