A huge thank you to the editorial team for the invaluable work they have done in reviewing and providing feedback on submissions for the magazine. Their insightful feedback and constructive criticism have undoubtedly contributed to the high quality of the articles, essays, and artwork featured in the publication and made it a valuable resource for all those who seek to explore the connections between creativity and healthcare.

Julia D’Amora, DO, VTCSOM Faculty

Preston Edwards, MD, VTCSOM Faculty

Carl Henderson, DO, VTCSOM Faculty

Katie Kane, PhD, VTCSOM Faculty

Lincoln Kartchner, VTCSOM Class of 2026

Chloe Lessard, VTCSOM Class of 2025

Molly O’Dell, MD, MFA, VTCSOM Faculty

Vydia Permashwar, VTCSOM Faculty

Erin McDaid Saechin, VTCSOM Class of 2026

Christina Stolarchuk, VTCSOM Class of 2025

Brian Unwin, MD, VTCSOM Faculty

Raymond Uymatiao, VTCSOM Class of 2025

Steven White, VT Daily Doodler

Cynthia Unwin, PhD, Editor-in-Chief