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Student Research: Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

Not all student research projects are represented here, only those that have been published.

Neuroimaging Strategies Addressing Challenges in Using fMRI for the Children with Cerebral Palsy
Region- and Cell-Specific Expression of Transmembrane Collagens in Mouse Brain
Patient-derived glioblastoma stem cells respond differentially to targeted therapies
The Fibular Nerve Injury Method: A Reliable Assay to Identify and Test Factors That Repair Neuromuscular Junctions
A microchip platform for structural oncology applications
Aging into perceptual control: A dynamic causal modeling for fMRI study of bistable perception
Connexin 43 Inhibition Sensitizes Chemoresistant Glioblastoma Cells to Temozolomide
Trans-presentation of IL-15 modulates STAT5 activation and Bcl-6 expression in TH1 cells
A Molecular Toolkit to Visualize Native Protein Assemblies in the Context of Human Disease
Altered prefrontal excitation/inhibition balance and prefrontal output: Markers of aging in human memory networks.
A New Interleukin-13 Amino-Coated Gadolinium Metallofullerene Nanoparticle for Targeted MRI Detection of Glioblastoma Tumor Cells
Real-time visualization of nanoparticles interacting with glioblastoma stem cells
Analysis of human rotaviruses from a single location over an 18-year time span suggests that protein coadaption influences gene constellations
Nuclei-specific differences in nerve terminal distribution, morphology, and development in mouse visual thalamus
EvoCor: a platform for predicting functionally related genes using phylogenetic and expression profiles
Biomedical Applications of Trimetallic Nitride Endohedral Metallofullerenes
Structural Dynamics of Viral Nanomachines
Neuroimaging after mild traumatic brain injury: Review and meta-analysis
Cryo-SiN – An Alternative Substrate to Visualize Active Viral Assemblies
PCR-based approach to distinguish group A human rotavirus genotype 1 vs. genotype 2 genes
Rotavirus core shell subdomains involved in polymerase encapsidation into virus-like particles
Visualizing viral assemblies in a nanoscale biosphere