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Activate your Experts @ VT profile

Two people looking at an iPad with Dr. Musick's profile on it.

Faculty profiles are here with Experts @ VT 

You can now easily set up an individual profile online at a site called VT Experts.  This is done using the Elements database system and involves a few simple steps.

Once you activate your Experts @ VT profile in Elements, we can link to it from the employee directory and faculty listings pages on the website for Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. 

On the employee directory page, the Experts @ VT link appears below the title of the individual.
On the faculty directory pages, the Experts @ VT link appears below the name.

Step 1: Log into Elements

Activating your Experts @ VT profile is done in the Elements faculty activity system.

Log into Elements at using the CAS LOGIN button.

Use the CAS LOGIN button to log into Elements

Step 2: Select EDIT MY PROFILE

Select the EDIT MY PROFILE link, located within the profile section on the right hand side of the Elements home screen.

The edit my profile link appears within the profile section of the page

Step 3: Change Internal to Public

At the top of the page, on the right hand side, you have the option to switch your privacy level from Internal to Public (Figure 1). Select Public.

After a few seconds, the button will turn blue (Figure 2) to indicate that your profile is now public.

Use the radio buttons to select public.

Step 4: Click View Profile

Under your profile image, click the View my public profile link

The view my public profile button appears below the image of the user.

Step 5: Email your profile link to VTCSOM Web Manager

Copy and paste the web address at the top of your browser window.

Send an email to
VTCSOM Web Manager
Vianne Greek at

The F6 key selects the address bar on the browser. Copy and paste the web address.

Important note and privacy considerations

The contents of your individual profile page will be populated based on information you (or your administrative assistant) have put into the Elements system. Be sure that your information is up to date inside Elements prior to activating your Experts profile. 

Also be sure to make the various settings within your profile either public or private (e.g., you can make phone numbers, email addresses, other information private if you don’t want them to appear online).

For more information

For more information, questions, or assistance, contact

David Musick
Senior Dean for Faculty Affairs

Vianne Greek
Director of Digital Initiatives for Medical Education

A person holding an iPad which contains Dr. Musick's Experts @ VT profile