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Faculty Vitality and Wellbeing

VTC School of Medicine and Carilion Clinic strive to support the personal and professional wellbeing of our faculty physicians, advanced care providers and other faculty.

While a career in academic medicine can be rewarding, it can also be demanding to the point that a significant number of our faculty members and other colleagues experience challenges from “burnout.” Deliberately creating a culture of wellbeing requires sustained efforts at the individual, work unit, leadership and organizational levels. Our goal is to work collaboratively across our health system to effectively address these challenges.

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Our Four Pillars

The primary focus of our work is to support, network and collaborate in order to support institutional wellbeing initiatives.

Our framework, modified from physician and executive coach, Dr. Dike Drummond, allows us to address clinician wellbeing programming via four distinct but related areas:

Make the Difference: Preventing Medical Trainee Suicide

Faculty Vitality and Wellbeing is an initiative in partnership with:

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