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Faculty & Staff Engagement Opportunities

Faculty Development

VTCSOM Faculty Development implements programs to increase the advancement and success of outstanding and diverse faculty members.

Teaching Excellence Academy for Collaborative Healthcare (TEACH)

Teaching Excellence Academy for Collaborative Healthcare (TEACH) is a community of educators, fostering their development as teachers, learners, and education researchers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion resources and suggested reading

In collaboration with TEACH, we offer these resources and suggested readings for faculty.

VTCSOM Mentorship Communities

Faculty and students are invited to participate in VTCSOM Mentorship Communities, where each group will be a community of belonging within VTCSOM where learners can interact with faculty members and residents. Some groups will share common identity characteristics; all groups work toward individual growth through engagement and mentorship.

Virginia Tech's Professional Development Network

Virginia Tech's Professional Development Network offers numerous courses related to inclusive practices and is open to all Virginia Tech staff and faculty with a VT PID. View the course calendar.

Book Circles

Book Circles bring small groups together to read and discuss a common book, culminating in an annual campus-wide reading event. Contact to join a Book Circle.

InclusiveVT Insights

InclusiveVT Insights are micro-learning modules available to all Virginia Tech Hokies, anytime, anywhere. Check out the full list of diversity and inclusion insights and discussion guides. Each micro-video speaks to a diversity and inclusion topic. Many include a companion discussion guide for small group work.

Members of the VTCSOM community are encouraged to facilitate a InclusiveVT Insights discussion on the Roanoke campus. Use these general discussion guidelines to get started.

Diversity Inclusion and Belonging Series

These informal events offer faculty, staff, students, and community members an opportunity to gather for open conversations about given topics. Participants are encouraged to add their own thoughts, ideas, and perspectives to the discussion.


A series of discussions about difference and identity. The meetings are intended to encourage students, faculty, staff, and the broader community to share their experiences, stories, questions, and apprehensions about the complicated issues of identity and differences.

Accessibility Resources