The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for undergraduate medical education and the important programs that support medical students’ educational activities. Our innovative Patient Center Curriculum is integrated across all four years of medical school and provides students with foundational basic science knowledge, clinical skills and experience, an immersion experience in research and interprofessional health care education and practice. The curriculum is continuously evolving to assure the highest quality of learning with support provided by the Standardized Patient Program and the Simulation Center. The Office of Academic Affairs provides expertise in assessment, faculty and curriculum development, educational research, program evaluation, educational information technology and accreditation.

The faculty and staff support is vital to help the students navigate through this unique program, and support is provided in many ways – academically, professionally, and personally.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional medical school setting in which every student can receive a remarkable education and succeed in their career as a physician, thought leader who will serve patients using expert clinical skills, research, teamwork and humanism.

If we may assist you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us.

Richard C. Vari, PhD

Senior Dean for Academic Affairs

Riverside 2 M122

Jessica Bradshaw

Medical Education Coordinator - Assessment and Evaluation

Riverside 2 M136

Pamela Carpenter

Medical Education Manager - Clinical Science

Riverside 1 Suite 107

Andre Dean

Media Specialist

Riverside 2 M209

Kerin Flattery

Patient Centered Learning Case Coordinator

Joanne Greenawald, MD

Director of Problem-Based Learning

Riverside 2 M323A

Heidi Lane

Senior Director of the Office of Clinical Skills Assessment & Education
Title IX Coordinator

Riverside 2 M323

Rita McCandless, MLS

Head Librarian

Riverside 2 M110C

Brock Mutcheson, MEd, PhD

Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation

Riverside 2 M133

Rebecca Price

Library Specialist I

Riverside 2 M110B

Adelaida Stambol

Academic Affairs Manager

Riverside 2 M127

Dustin Womack

Director of Educational Technology

Riverside 2 M209