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April 2022 Exceptional Teachers

We are interested in collecting your stories about faculty members, residents, nurses, or anyone else, who have impacted or influenced you in a significant way. Please tell us about what those teachers did that resulted in an exceptional educational experience and how it changed you.

April 2022 Submissions

Below are the exceptional teacher recognitions shared with the Learning Environment Advocacy Committee this month. Thank you to these faculty for providing a great experience for our students. 

Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Stephanie Lareau - “Wonderful to work with. Great teacher. Working with her is like the perfect learning environment. I really enjoyed my time with Dr. Lareau.”
  • Dr. Paul Stromberg - “Dr. Stromberg gave great lessons in the SIM lab. He is very approachable and a great teacher.”

Family and Community Medicine

  • Dr. Timothy Bierne - “Clear expectations for student, well prepared with patient assignments, provided good learning cases.”
  • Dr. Kimberly Dulaney - “Great teacher and gave many opportunities to learn.”

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Chad DeMott - “Dr. DeMott is the true definition of a lifelong learner and well-rounded physician scientist. He was constantly reminding me of the importance of challenging routine practices that we are taught in medicine, if we could not find data to back up things we are told or have been told for years- we should challenge the practice. He makes time for mini lectures almost on a daily basis, on any topic that students felt they needed a refresher on, both residents and medical students alike look forward to these sessions. He is extremely clear about medical student expectations and gives routine and prompt feedback so that the student is able to grow throughout their rotation.”
  • Dr. Elspeth Springsted - “Dr. Springsted is an excellent attending, I had a great experience on her team. I felt very supported and was appreciative of her clear expectations and encouragement.”


  • Dr. Thomas Kodankandath - “I appreciated the feedback provided on the spot after patient presentations along with tailoring teachings to the interest of the student. I value including the student in discussions about what we think is going on with the patient and what our recommendations are; I think this is a great way to both engage students and also help us think critically about what we see and present. Great attending to learn from and interact with. I felt like a valued member of the team.”
  • Dr. Benjamin Wiener - “I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wiener for a couple days on the general neurology service. He was very clear with expectations and encouraged me to pick up as many patients as I felt comfortable with, but was always available for help when needed. He took the time to talk through management decisions as well as discuss practical knowledge of EPIC documentation etc. I would be happy to work with him again in the future!”


  • Dr. Sarah Evans  -  “During our short time working together, I was made to feel welcome and as if I were a valuable member of the team. She made sure that I was actively involved with whatever was going on and spent extra time making sure I understood our procedure.”
  • Dr. Kallie Metz - “She was one of my favorite residents that I worked with. She was an excellent teacher and made sure that I understood any procedures that we were doing. She included me as much as possible in-patient care and made me feel like a valuable member of the team.”


  • Dr. Ann Washofsky - “I really appreciated the welcoming learning environment that Dr. Washofsky created. She has a special way of teaching on rounds without making it intimidating.”
  • Dr. Manish Kumar - “Manish was an amazing leader! Was more than willing to share his knowledge from clinical practice and created a warm and welcoming learning environment.”

Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

  • Dr. Khoa Tran - “Great attending; takes time to educate students.”
  • Dr. Tejaswini Doifode - “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Teja, she was a large reason why I enjoyed inpatient psychiatry as much as I did. She accommodated my learning interests and provided a very supportive learning environment.”


  • Dr. Mohammed Bermo - “Very patient with us as we worked through pediatric cases. Provided good explanations and teaching moments throughout the session.”
  • Dr. Sarah Thomas - “I appreciated Dr. Thomas walking me through exactly what she was doing during procedures as well as the welcoming learning environment that she created.”


  • Dr. Curtis Bower - “Kind and approachable to students and incorporates into patient care. Actively teaches where fitting.”
  • Dr. Britany Thompson - “I enjoyed my time working with Dr. Thompson. She is an effective educator and actively got me involved in many areas of patient care including during rounds, in the OR and in the trauma bay. She provides useful feedback that I was able to immediately implement. I got the sense that she valued my time and efforts as a student and she always made me feel like part of the team.”