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November 2023 Exceptional Teachers

We are interested in collecting your stories about faculty members, residents, nurses, or anyone else, who have impacted or influenced you in a significant way. Please tell us about what those teachers did that resulted in an exceptional educational experience and how it changed you.

This Month's Submissions

Below are the exceptional teacher recognitions shared with the Learning Environment Advocacy Committee this rotation. Thank you to these faculty for providing a great experience for our students. 

November 2023 Submissions

Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Michael Lustig – “Dr. Lustig teaching EKGs were key! I wish more time was dedicated to EKG lessons given how much it appeared on the final exam.”

Family and Community Medicine

  • Dr. Adrienne Kinsey – “Dr. Kinsey was an outstanding attending to work with/learn from. She is highly efficient in her work and dedicated to incorporating students into patient care and learning opportunities in the clinic. I highly recommend her as a preceptor for students.”
  • Dr. Taylor Dayton – “I appreciate Dr. Dayton’s thorough teaching every single day I was with her- I certainly learned from almost every patient encounter and discussion. Her compassion and connection with patients is something I would only hope I can replicate myself in the future, likewise with her confidence and medical knowledge. I am so grateful that I had Dr. Dayton as my preceptor- family medicine is definitely a specialty I’m strongly considering because of the experience I had!”

Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Ann Austin – "Dr. Austin was an essential part of my IM rotation. She was always willing to teach, did an excellent job of involving me in the decision making process of patients I was responsible for, and challenged me to think beyond my plan so that I did not miss anything. She was patient, kind, and very informative during rounds. I would recommend anyone to work with her in the future. Thank you for a great rotation!”
  • Dr. Jed Gonzalo –"Dr. Gonzalo helped make this rotation an exceptional learning experience. After the shift he would always follow up with a short article, clinical guidelines, etc. related to something that came up during rounds. When you learn this way, it tends to "stick." He then would circle back to said material the following day so that the group would have a chance to discuss it and ask questions. Again, great way to consolidate information.”


  • Dr. Davis Sugar – “Dr. Sugar was great. Took me along to see consults with him, and walked me through every part of the neuro exam. Verbalized his thought process during the exam which really helped me understand the purpose of each step in the exam.”
  • Dr. Geetika Bajpai – “Dr. Bajpai was a pleasure to work with and always made sure to help educate and teach in between patients and consults to make sure I was prepared for the cases. I had a wonderful experience with her.”


  • Dr. Kimberly Simcox – “Apart from all the OBYGN knowledge I’ve gained from working with Dr. Simcox, both on OP and L&D (great at including me in every opportunity she could to learn/practice), what I will take away the most is how she interacted with her patients (her relationship with them). #advocate”
  • Dr. Christopher Sullivan – “My clinic day with Dr. Sullivan was extremely efficient. It was a great balance of observing, practicing and demonstrating what I have learned thus far in the rotation and it was a much needed boost of confidence during that week. Thank you Dr. Sullivan!”


Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

  • Dr. Michael Greenage – “Dr. Greenage was helpful, approachable, and a great teacher. He gave ample opportunity for me to assist in patient care but knew when to step in and help. He would find relevant teaching moments throughout the day and connect them back to patients we were watching. He provided good feedback on my knowledge, clinical skills, notes and interviews. He was very approachable and easy to reach. I could tell the team enjoyed him as well since he created a positive and supportive environment. I enjoyed working with him and overall had a great experience!”
  • Dr. Bush Kavuru – “Dr. Kavuru was an all-around excellent preceptor for outpatient psychiatry. He fully engaged me as a student in patient care, set expectations from the first day, gave regular teaching opportunities, taught me how to be a good doctor, gave feedback daily, and was very approachable. He encouraged me to think critically by asking challenging questions but would always explain things. He provided the appropriate level of challenge by having me be involved with patients but was always ready to step in and help. He gave regular teaching moments and encouraged my curiosity beyond the clinical time. Most importantly, he was friendly and supportive. He created a very welcoming environment and I could tell he was invested in my learning. He demonstrated compassion towards all his patients, and would regularly discuss the various cultural/personal considerations for different patients. He is an asset to the psychiatry department and one of the best teachers I have had during my third year. I wish more students would get to spend time with him!”


  • Dr. Evelyn Garcia – “I worked with Dr. Garcia during my breast cancer rotation. She is so great with patients and explains things very clearly during procedures and during our one-on-one time. She spent some time with me reviewing high yield breast cancer imaging, what to look out for. She answered all my questions and provided feedback. Her team is wonderful, and I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the rotation.”
  • Dr. Bermo Mohammed – “Dr. Bermo is a fantastic teacher. He went through so many cases with us and helped us think like radiologists. He answered all of our questions and helped us better understand complex topics. In the 2 hours, I can say I learned a lot.”


  • Dr. Matthew Joy – “I had a great experience working with Dr. Joy. It is evident that he very intentionally incorporates medical student education into his clinical practice. I would recommend working with Dr. Joy to any student on the surgery rotation - and would recommend his teaching method to any surgeon hoping to teach students.”
  • Dr. Kurtis Moyer – “Moyer was a great mentor both in and out of the operating room. While in the operating room, he was very intentional about including medical students into the procedure. I felt that I was able to practice more surgical skills with Dr. Moyer than I had on the rest of my surgery rotation. Thanks for always including students in patient care!”