Last half of Year 3

  • Choose specialty-specific advisor(s) in the winter of your 3rd year. Advisors will be of help to you in matters relating to your fourth year schedule and issues relating to career choice and applications for internship/residency. If you are uncertain of your career choice, choose advisors in the two most likely specialties. Advisors can be changed if subsequent changes in career direction occur.
  • Start the match process by revisiting AAMC Careers in Medicine, talking to advisors, and reading references on specialties to determine the competitiveness of the specialty(ies) you are interested in.

Summer between Years 3 and 4

  • Sign up for the ERAS and NRMP and/or other applicable matches (e.g. ophthalmology, urology, and military).
  • Prepare your Curriculum Vitae and personal statement. The CV is a source of information for preparing your MSPE and for faculty and the department chairperson in writing letters of recommendation.
  • Prepare the “Unique Characteristics” section of the MSPE.
  • Meet with your faculty advisor(s).
  • Ask faculty members to write Letters of Recommendations. Decide to which program(s) each person’s letters will be sent.
    Remember, for NON-ERAS programs you will provide each of these individuals with a list of program addresses.
    For ERAS programs, you will give them a letter of  recommendation request form (printed from the ERAS website) containing your letter identification number. This number is your unique identifier and is different for each request form you print. Do not make copies of this letter. Print each request form separately. Once the letter is written, the author will follow the on-screen directions to upload the letter to your application file.
  • Keep track of relevant deadlines for completing applications to individual programs and to deadlines for participating in specialty matches, the military, and the NRMP.
  • Prepare and maintain a working list of hospitals to which you will be applying. You may wish to keep an organized written record or chart of where you are in the application process for each hospital and update it frequently.

September 15

  • Send Applications via ERAS to programs
  • Register with NRMP
  • Accept and create a calendar for interviews. If interviews are to be arranged in conjunction with electives away, indicate this information on your schedule.
    Be sure to get approval in advance from elective directors and Dr. Knight for time taken away from rotations. You are expected to have 100% attendance on clinical rotations.
    On occasion, a course director may give a student special permission to take time away. No student should expect more than two days away from a 2-week elective and three days away from a 4-week elective.

Last half of September

  • Review your MSPE. The Office of Student Affairs will notify you when the final draft is ready. This review will provide you with an opportunity to check for factual accuracy and be aware of what is being sent on your behalf.

After completion of your Interviews 

  • Prepare your tentative rank list of programs.
  • Enter your final rank list by February
  • Relax until Match Day!