In this vessel you hid your pain,
taken hostage by your mind
The bottle you were trapped within,
I failed to see your suffering

Do you feel the need to Cut down?
Not you, the world's brightest light
A godly man, and role model
It could never be a crutch

Do you feel Annoyed by criticism?
An invisible affliction, manifested 
as isolation within yourself,
Secluded from the warmth of loving council 

Do you feel Guilty?
The woe you felt, the weight you carried,
Imperceptible behind that
innocent smile and nurturing soul

When you wake, do you hear the call
to abate the pain and take the Edge off?
“Don’t give in, come back to us!” -
we lamented at your wake

I never thought to ask the CAGE -
A sentiment I’ll carry with me always
That the silent suffering of addiction
is free from partiality

But rest now, my dear friend
Your suffering has come to an end
Free from the shackles of alcohol,
Free from the cage