It is not until you are lost that the power of grace grips you.

Its music takes what is lifeless and transforms it to life.

The silent dance of grace entrances the beholder. Its vibrant rays of light give sight to the blind.

The sweet scent of grace provides eternal comfort to the oppressed and imparts living hope to the hopeless.

Its lasting taste fills the hungry soul with a foretaste of greater glory.

Grace is not hidden beneath the rock or behind the shadows of the night.

Grace is found in the highest of mountains and the lowest of valleys.

It is seen in the birds of the air and the fish of the sea. It is declared by the sun, moon, and stars.

The marks of grace are revealed in the life of every individual, in every blade of grass that grows, or every snowflake that falls.

Grace is found in sorrow and in joy. Grace is in tears and in laughter. Grace speaks in silence and in crowds. It is present whether it be in death or in life.

Grace speaks in every interaction both large and small.

So now, with this divine taste of grace, let there be transformation.

My intentions will be pure, and my words will be graceful to those who hear.

My heart will not self-serve but seek to serve others.

In all circumstances, my mind will strain towards the imperishable goal.

Let pride be broken, and humility bloom through my weaknesses.

In this blanket of grace, I am complete.

Once empty but now full. Once dead but now alive. Once restless but now at peace.

*Grace is by definition "unmerited favor." It is undeserved, it is free, it is a gift. It is in these instances of unmerited favor that we see the heights of gratitude.