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Digital Measures

Digital Measures is an online information management system implemented at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in the spring of 2015. It provides faculty members with a single convenient place to compile data on activities such as teaching, research, and service—information usually compiled for faculty annual reports. This stored data can then be used to generate reports such as annual evaluations, personal curriculum vitae, research and scholarly activities reports, and data required for accrediting bodies.

The advantages of the Digital Measures system include:

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Time savings
  • Record maintenance
  • Data security

Digital Measures Resources

All resources are created by the Office of Faculty Affairs and must be approved by the Senior Dean of Faculty Affairs prior to dispersal or use of any kind.

Instructional videos:

More about Digital Measures

How does Digital Measures save me time?

By keeping your data up-to-date (we recommend monthly), you can have your curriculum vitae in the VTCSOM format automatically generated in Microsoft Word with the stroke of a few keys. Your scholarly activities can be reported in a variety of ways, and you can create multiple NIH Biosketches within your account.

What should I be updating on a monthly basis?

You should be updating all your scholarly activities on a monthly basis. You are also encouraged to enter your professional development activities, including CME courses; your teaching responsibilities, and any committee or other service work. The Digital Measures database will be used to report your scholarly activities and create your annual review each year. The accuracy of these records is every faculty member’s responsibility to review.

What reports do I have access to?

Faculty members have access to the National Institutes of Health Biographical Sketch, VTCSOM Curriculum Vitae and the ability to create a CSV of any data within the Faculty member's account. Administrative users have the added custom report, Monthly/Quarterly Report, for use of Carilion Clinic's Academic Affairs Annual Report needs. Administrative users also have the ability to create various reports as needed.

Will Digital Measures be used for faculty promotions?

Digital Measures is not an academic faculty portfolio. However, your VTCSOM curriculum vitae will be generated from Digital Measures and should be updated monthly. 

Will this be used for maintenance of appointment?

Yes. Faculty will be required to update the database and generate a new VTCSOM curriculum vitae.

What happens when a faculty member leaves?

The faculty member’s account will be disabled. By request, faculty members may have all their data exported as a Zip file in CSV format. If the faculty member is joining another academic institution that uses Digital Measures, we can grant permission to have the information exported for use by the other institution.

How can I learn more?

More information on VTCSOM's Digital Measures platform is available through the Digital Measures Resources area above. If you are new to Digital Measures, or the appointment process, start from the top and work your way down the list as needed. The Faculty Bylaws can also be a useful resource, especially Appendix A - VTCSOM CV Guidelines and Format. More information on the Digital Measures Company can be found at

If you need to reset your password but do not know your username, please email or contact your department or section's Digital Measures administrative user.