[Music with various shots from Match Day]

[Dean Learman]: This is our first Match Day in three years that we have guests, family members.

[Parth Vaidya]: It's an incredible experience. Nothing will beat having that moment in person with your friends and your family and all who supported you throughout this entire journey. And so I'm so happy. That we were able to be back in person this year.

[Aryo Sorayya]: Feeling good, feeling good!

[Musical interlude with shots of students being handed their envelopes]

[Aubrey Knight]: I'm ready to party like it's 1920.

[AUDIENCE]: 3-2-1

[Brandon Temel]: It's a little bit more anxiety, you know, hoping you get what you want, that your partner's getting what they want, and together.

[Michaela Pesce]: Yea, so we both screamed and then looked at the other person's envelope.

[Brandon]: Just to make sure they were screaming also. And thankfully at the end we matched up with the place that we wanted to be most and that's, that's where we matched. So couldn't be happier.

[Michaela]: We're very lucky!

[Musical interlude with shots of students celebrating with their families and friends as they share their matches]

[Jacob Hartman-Kenzler]: I just can't say how excited I am for everyone and, you know, to have a place to be for the next stage in our careers. And it's just it feels like it feels like the culminating point to so much hard work to be able to share this with all. Of our best friends for that from the last four years is just incredible.

[Musical interlude with students pinning their flags on the Match Day map]

[Aubrey Knight]: This Match Day was an incredible success. It was a success because 100% of this class of 2022 matched and because they matched into very, very prestigious programs. Across the country.

Student Reflection 

Prath Vaidya, class of 2022, had this to say about Match Day: "I’m incredibly excited for my fellow students to match! We’ve all been through so much together over these last four years and everyone is so deserving of an amazing match day. I can’t wait to see where everyone ends up!"