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2020 Match Day

Due to the coronavirus situation and guidelines advising smaller gatherings, the school of medicine got creative with a virtual version of Match Day for the class of 2020. 

But we do have some WONDERFUL news to share. All members of our class of 2020 matched to residency, continuing our school's 100 percent match rate!

Class of 2020 Virtual Match Day

Congrats class of 2020 on your 100% Match! In lieu of our normal festivities, please enjoy these virtual Match Day remarks from Dean Learman and Aubrey Knight.

[DEAN LEARMAN] Well it's match day, and here we are in the auditorium where we wished we could be together for this very special day, pinning your match locations on this map. 

[AUBREY KNIGHT] Every year this is the most exciting week of the year. Of course, this week was even more so, by the moment by moment cautions and recommendations that came our way due to the coronavirus pandemic. I want to take this moment, to thank you, the students of the class of 2020, for not adding to my stressful week. We knew on Monday everyone had a residency spot. 

[DEAN LEARMAN] A successful match is a triumph for each individual and each group of family, friends, helpers and supporters that made the journey possible. You have so much joy to share, we can feel it even at this distance. 

[DEAN LEARMAN] We would like to lift a glass in honor and toast to you as the class of 2020. May you hold firm to that which has gotten you this far. And may you let loose of that which constrains you. Here's to your success, happiness, and impact on the world. 

[BOTH]To the class of 2020